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Guidelines for the reliable use of high throughput sequencing technologies to detect plant pathogens and pests

10.24072/pcjournal.181 - Peer Community Journal, Volume 2 (2022), article no. e62.

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High-throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies have the potential to become one of the most significant advances in molecular diagnostics. Their use by researchers to detect and characterize plant pathogens and pests has been growing steadily for more than a decade and they are now envisioned as a routine diagnostic test to be deployed by plant pest diagnostics laboratories. Nevertheless, HTS technologies and downstream bioinformatics analysis of the generated datasets represent a complex process including many steps whose reliability must be ensured. The aim of the present guidelines is to provide recommendations for researchers and diagnosticians aiming to reliably use HTS technologies to detect plant pathogens and pests. These guidelines are generic and do not depend on the sequencing technology or platform. They cover all the adoption processes of HTS technologies from test selection to test validation as well as their routine implementation. A special emphasis is given to key elements to be considered: undertaking a risk analysis, designing sample panels for validation, using proper controls, evaluating performance criteria, confirming and interpreting results. These guidelines cover any HTS test used for the detection and identification of any plant pest (viroid, virus, bacteria, phytoplasma, fungi and fungus-like protists, nematodes, arthropods, plants) from any type of matrix. Overall, their adoption by diagnosticians and researchers should greatly improve the reliability of pathogens and pest diagnostics and foster the use of HTS technologies in plant health.

Published online:
DOI: 10.24072/pcjournal.181
Type: Opinion, perspective
Massart, Sebastien 1; Adams, Ian 2; Al Rwahnih, Maher 3; Baeyen, Steve 4; Bilodeau, Guillaume J. 5; Blouin, Arnaud G. 1; Boonham, Neil 6; Candresse, Thierry 7; Chandellier, Anne 8; De Jonghe, Kris 4; Fox, Adrian 2; Gaafar, Yahya Z.A. 9; Gentit, Pascal 10; Haegeman, Annelies 4; Ho, Wellcome 11; Hurtado-Gonzales, Oscar 12; Jonkers, Wilfried 13; Kreuze, Jan 14; Kutjnak, Denis 15; Landa, Blanca B. 16; Liu, Mingxin 17; Maclot, François 1; Malapi-Wight, Marta 18; Maree, Hans J. 19, 20; Martoni, Francesco 21; Mehle, Natasa 15, 22; Minafra, Angelantonio 23; Mollov, Dimitre 24; Moreira, Adriana G. 25; Nakhla, Mark 26; Petter, Françoise 27; Piper, Alexander M. 21; Ponchart, Julien P. 1, 28; Rae, Robbie 29; Remenant, Benoit 10; Rivera, Yazmin 26; Rodoni, Brendan 21; Botermans, Marleen 30; Roenhorst, J.W. 30; Rollin, Johan 1; Saldarelli, Pasquale 23; Santala, Johanna 31; Souza-Richards, Rose 32; Spadaro, Davide 33; Studholme, David J. 34; Sultmanis, Stefanie 5; van der Vlugt, René 35; Tamisier, Lucie 1; Trontin, Charlotte 27; Vazquez-Iglesias, Ines 2; Vicente, Claudia S.L. 36; van de Vossenberg, Bart T.L.H. 30; Westenberg, Marcel 30; Wetzel, Thierry 37; Ziebell, Heiko 9; Lebas, Benedicte S. M. 1

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