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Topic: Agricultural sciences, Ecology, Computer sciences

A workflow for processing global datasets: application to intercropping

10.24072/pcjournal.389 - Peer Community Journal, Volume 4 (2024), article no. e24.

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Field experiments are a key source of data and knowledge in agricultural research. An emerging practice is to compile the measurements and results of these experiments (rather than the results of publications, as in meta-analysis) into global datasets. Our aim in the present study was to provide several methodological paths related to the design of global datasets. We considered 37 field experiments as the use case for designing a global dataset and illustrated how tidying and disseminating the data are the first steps towards open science practices. We developed a method to identify complete factorial designs within global datasets using tools from graph theory. We discuss the position of global datasets in the continuum between data and knowledge, compared to other approaches such as meta-analysis. We advocate using global datasets more widely in agricultural research.

Published online:
DOI: 10.24072/pcjournal.389
Type: Research article
Mahmoud, Rémi 1; Casadebaig, Pierre 1; Hilgert, Nadine 2; Gaudio, Noémie 1

1 AGIR, Univ. Toulouse, INRAE, Castanet-Tolosan, France
2 MISTEA, Univ. Montpellier, INRAE, Institut Agro, Montpellier, France
License: CC-BY 4.0
Copyrights: The authors retain unrestricted copyrights and publishing rights
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AU  - Mahmoud, Rémi
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AU  - Hilgert, Nadine
AU  - Gaudio, Noémie
TI  - A workflow for processing global datasets: application to intercropping
JO  - Peer Community Journal
PY  - 2024
VL  - 4
PB  - Peer Community In
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DO  - 10.24072/pcjournal.389
LA  - en
ID  - 10_24072_pcjournal_389
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%0 Journal Article
%A Mahmoud, Rémi
%A Casadebaig, Pierre
%A Hilgert, Nadine
%A Gaudio, Noémie
%T A workflow for processing global datasets: application to intercropping
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Mahmoud, Rémi; Casadebaig, Pierre; Hilgert, Nadine; Gaudio, Noémie. A workflow for processing global datasets: application to intercropping. Peer Community Journal, Volume 4 (2024), article  no. e24. doi : 10.24072/pcjournal.389.

Peer reviewed and recommended by PCI : 10.24072/pci.mcb.100197

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